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Tesla Solar Roof

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on July 27, 2017
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Tesla is not only going to be know for their modern electronic cars but they will also have solar roofs for homes.


The regular rooftop PV arrays don’t have the best look and aesthetic that will compliment your home, that’s why Tesla has made their solar panels from an opaque, quartz-based tempered glass. This glass will have the shape and look that will resemble regular roof tiles, and these shingles allow the light to penetrate the solar cell underneath.


Solar and Non-Solar will be the two types of tiles used for the Solar Roof, and the amount of tiles you need will be based on how much energy your home consumes.


The tiles come in 4 different styles: Smooth, Textured (available now), Tuscan and Slate (available in 2018). They claim to be more durable than regular tiles and half the weight that will not degrade like asphalt or concrete. The tiles will also come with a lifetime warranty when purchased.



Tesla’s Solar Roof will have an integrated Powerwall (which is sold separately) that stores energy throughout the day and can be made available any time, even when there is a utility outage and natural disasters, or the grid goes down.


This Solar Roof will cost around $21.85 per square foot, and it could increase the value of your home. Tesla has the Solar Roof Calculator that lets you estimate the upfront price of the Solar Roof for your home.



Keep an eye out for these Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles in 2018 when they will be made available in Canada.




Source: Tesla



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