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Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on November 28, 2017
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Moving into a new space is always an exciting task! But what happens when you get there and all your belongings don’t quite fit as you expected them to, or you ran out of room and all your shoes are not fitting in the closet.


Well, that means it’s time to get creative! So we’ve made up a list of the different ways to add storage room to your space:


Wall Mounted seating

Want to have a seating area without taking away from your limited floor space? Build a floating bench on the wall, it doesn’t clutter your space and it’s a unique piece to add to your home.


Floating Shelves

This is a great way to store away your books and any other items that don’t really have a home, and they will also be an element of decoration. Make sure to always keep this storage space neat and tidy, as it will always be on full display. All you have to do is set up shelving units on your walls and you’re good to go!

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Folding Bed/Tables

Do you only have one extra room that you want to consider your office and a guest bedroom? Well a folding bed will be your best friend. Just tuck it away when you need the space and take it down when you’re having guests over, and the room won’t feel cluttered.


This too can apply to a table. You can get a drop-leaf table, which can turn into a console, a desk or a dining room table depending on how you set it up. This is great when you don’t always have people over for dinner and would like that little extra space in your home.

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Under the Stairs Storage

Why not take advantage of the space underneath your stairs? You can get a beautiful and modern, built-in storage unit under your stairs. This will be the perfect place to tuck away any household items you don’t need all the time.

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Inside Cabinet Doors

That space inside your cabinet doors is waiting to be used! You can easily just add hooks and you have great storage room for extra cutlery like your spoons.

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Under the Bed Storage

Hiding your belongings under your bed is one of the first places people think of when they want to store away unwanted items, but this can soon get messy if you just start throwing things under the bed with no real structure. There are such a variety of affordable pull-out drawers and dividers to keep items under your bed tucked away in an organized and neat manner.


Art Piece Storage

Why not make your jewellery a piece of art in your bedroom? Doing this will keep them tangle free and safe. You can easily DIY this project, you just buy a frame or a ready-made shadow box. Here are some tutorials that are extremely easy to follow.


So it’s okay if you don’t have a lot of storage room, you just need to put your thinking cap on and you can create unique designs that will compliment your home.


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