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Organizing Your Kitchen: How to Hide Recycling Bins

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on July 4, 2017
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Recycling is a very important step that every home has to do. But those recycling bins and green bins are not quite as modern or the perfect style that would go well with your kitchen, especially if you’re trying to sell your home and you want that perfect look and vision for your home to sell.


Or maybe you are already tight on space and the last thing you want to try to do is to figure out where you could fit a recycling bin in your small kitchen.


There are many bins out there that can be designed to match your kitchen cabinets and have them be already built in. But if that’s not an option for you here are some ideas on how to hide those recycling bins so they are out of your way in a functional and stylish way:


Storing Bins

Buy storing bins that you can easily just place inside a cabinet like this Ikea one, you can even create labels and put them on the bins to always know what slot is for paper, plastic, or glass.




Assembling Kits

There’s also ones that are ready to assemble kits. This option is great because the bins will be out of sight, all you have to do is pick a drawer in your kitchen and install!




Stylish Bins

Actually have a little bit of room in your kitchen? you can have the option of buying a more stylish bin that might go well with your kitchen, instead of having to go for the regular ones. Like this modern rose gold style one that has an integrated drip guard which means that an inner bucket is unnecessary.




DIY Bins

Are you crafty? like to dabble into some DIYing once in a while? well there are many do it yourself recycling bins that are easy and cheap to make.


Like this easy curtain cabinet one, have an old cabinet laying around? get rid of some of the drawers and add a nice curtain to it and you’re able to hide the recycling bins behind the magic curtain.






Or this design by Ana White, this is one is a little bit more complicated but she gives you a step by step guide and the end result is something very unique to hide your trash in plain sight, and it can also double up as a sit in your kitchen area.





This wooden style bin that pulls out is  a bit of a project, but got some time in your hands? This one is another great option, guests would never know your bins are inside.




So whether if it’s buying a set or creating your own bin there are so many different ways for you to hide your recycling bin in a stylish way that will compliment your kitchen perfectly and take up a lot less room.

Make sure you check out Pinterest for the latest DIYs or for more ideas.





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