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Landlords have to be Cautious with this New Eviction Rule

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on September 5, 2017
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If you’re a tenant or a landlord you better be aware of this new rule which has just been released. As of September 1, 2017 new measures have been set to protect tenants from being wrongfully evicted from their rental units.


Let’s say you’re renting a place and you’re landlord just tells you that you have to move out because their family members have to move in or they need the place/room back just for themselves you must then receive compensation for the inconvenience that this will cause you. Therefore landlords can not evict without giving a fair warning

If landlords wish to do this they will have to pay a one months rent to the evicted tenant or offer them a comparable unit as a replacement.


Housing Minister Peter Milczyn said in a statement, “When a tenant is evicted through no fault of their own, they are forced to scramble to find new accommodations and cover the costs of a sudden move.”


The government is also hoping that this new rule will discourage landlords from evicting tenants and then remodel or convert the unit to a short-term rental or immediately re-renting it at a higher rate.


If they do this in less than one year landlords will be considered to have acted in bad faith and they can face a fine of up to $25,000.


There are about 1.2 million private rental units in Ontario, and these changes are part of the government’s housing plan announced this spring, which included expanding rent controls to all rental units.



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