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Hydrogen-Powered GO Trains Considered for Halton

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on September 26, 2017
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If you’re a constant commuter who takes the GO train religiously to and from work, you’ll probably see some changes happening to the GO trains.


The province is said to introduce hydrogen-powered GO trains which are meant to eliminate the conventional overhead wires already in place, this will improve the service by making the transit system faster and more frequent.


They are also meant to be great for the environment since hydrogen-powered electric trains are considered to be a form of clean electric technology.


Currently they are seeking designs for these hydrogen-powered GO trains, the province says, “a number of rail vehicle manufacturers will be commissioned to prepare designs and to demonstrate the impact that incorporating hydrogen fuel cells into bi-level trains would have on the performance of the GO rail network.”


The province is conducting a feasibility study as well on the use of hydrogen fuel cells.

Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca says, “Electrifying GO rail service is a major step forward for public transit in our province. The work we are doing on electrification today represents a significant investment that will impact Ontarians for generations. It is critical that we get it right. I look forward to reviewing the results of the Hydrail Feasibility Study.”


There’s also another GO train program set for improvements, the GO Regional Express Rail (RER). The update will include more two-way all-day service to commuters and families across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.


Right now the number of weekly trips is 1,500 but with this new update it will crease those weekly trips to up to 6,000 by 2025 making it one of the largest commuter rail projects in Canada.


This improvement will definitely make commuting easier for residents in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton. The province is putting in $21.3 billion to transform the GO train system in to a regional rapid transit system.


To make the train a rapid system they’re looking into designs for a Bi-level Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train. The province explains, “an EMU train is an electric-powered train consisting of multiple self-propelled carriages linked together. An EMU does not require a separate locomotive, as electric motors are incorporated in each carriage.”


Right now they are being used in Heathrow Flyer in the UK, the AGV in France and the TTC’s Toronto Rocket subway trains.



The final decision on the hydrogen powered GO trains is set to be made by the end of 2017 so keep an eye out.


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