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Home Burglaries: What to do in case of a break in

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on July 13, 2017
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When you think of Oakville, you would never think that it was a dangerous city, but as of March 31 2017 there were 9 residential home invasions in the South East of Oakville.


With one of the most recent ones happening last week on July 5 when two men attempted to break in to a northwest Oakville home. The two men attempted to break in to the home during the day but as soon as they discovered the residents were home the burglars fled.


According to statistics Canada, in 2015 there has been a total of 39,736 break ins in Ontario. The Halton Police also released a crime statistics report for 2016 stating there were a total of 462 break and enters in Oakville.


But there’s no need to be scared; we’ve created a list of ways for you to feel safer in your own home, and how to make your home more secure to prevent burglaries.


Install an alarm system:

This one of the best ways to avoid break ins, statistics show the chance of having your home broken into is significantly reduced if you have a 24-hour monitored alarm system.


There are a variety of great alarm systems out there, like the stick up cam. This weather resistant and wire free stick up camera lets you hear, see and speak with anyone on your property.



Install the app and every time someone is on your property it will send an alert to your smartphone. Once this happens you’ll have access to 720 HD video and you’ll be able to have a two-way communication with anyone that activates the motion sensor on the camera.



Secure your surroundings:


Make sure to always lock your doors and windows before leaving your home, and also make sure that these locks of course work.


With all the great technology out there you can even invest in a smart lock, this is a great way to lock and unlock your door without a key. Most smart locks can also give you an alert every time someone enters or leaves your home, you can even lock the door, turn off the lights and close the shades when you’re not near your home.





You can also add a security film to your windows so anyone from the outside can’t see what’s going on inside your home; this is a great way to prevent burglars from peeking inside. A basement window is also an access point that many thieves go for so you can always add a security bar that prevents access from the outside.



Appear to be home:


Make it obvious that your home is occupied, especially when you’re going on vacation. You can install timers to turn lights and radios on and off, also have a trusted family member or neighbour to collect your mail and newspapers when you’re away or not able to.


Always make sure to have your lawn mowed or snowed plowed, burglars scout homes for a while, and they always keep a look out for homes that seem empty.



Don’t allow strangers into your home:


This might be an obvious one, but this is one of the preferred methods of forced entry. Have a good observation point where you can see people outside your home, observe them for a few minutes, see what their motives are.


If you have an intercom system talk to the person through it, no matter how well they’re dressed or how kind they seem to be don’t open the door right away.




Trust your gut instinct, is always better to be safe than sorry, and don’t be afraid to call 9-1-1.









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