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Category Archives: Organizing

7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Even though it may not feel like it yet, the first day of Spring is finally here! That means we are one step closer to sunnier days and warmer weather, Springtime is also the perfect time for of course Spring Cleaning. It is the time where you can empty your closet, clean appliances and certain corners that haven’t been cleaned in a while, and …

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Moving into a new space is always an exciting task! But what happens when you get there and all your belongings don’t quite fit as you expected them to, or you ran out of room and all your shoes are not fitting in the closet.   Well, that means it’s time to get creative! So we’ve made up a list of the different ways …

Organizing Your Kitchen: How to Hide Recycling Bins

Recycling is a very important step that every home has to do. But those recycling bins and green bins are not quite as modern or the perfect style that would go well with your kitchen, especially if you’re trying to sell your home and you want that perfect look and vision for your home to sell.   Or maybe you are already tight on space and the …

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