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6 Ways to Create Curb Appeal this Winter season

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on November 9, 2017
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Winter is inevitably coming whether we like or not, and if you’re thinking of selling your home this winter there are many things you need to do and consider to make your home more appealing to buyers.


Even if it is cold and grey outside, and all the trees are bare that doesn’t mean you can’t brighten up your front porch/lawn to create some great curb appeal that will attract buyers and help sell your home quicker.


So we’ve come up with 6 tips that are easy to do but will make a huge difference to your curb appeal:


Colourful Front Door:

It can be something as bright as a red or blue door, or a mellow grey colour that contrast with white. Since everything is quite dark and one-tone in the winter, it will stand out to buyers when they see your vibrant door contrasting with all the whites and greys and bare trees.



Winter plants/greenery

With many of your plants and flowers buried under the snow during the winter, why not get plants and flowers that will withstand the cold season. Plants like Evergreen Shrubs, Camellia flowers, Winter Hazel, and Blue Holly will be great additions to your front porch.




Holiday Lights/Twinkle Lights

Wrap holiday lights around trees, bushes, birdbaths, this will enhance your home’s landscape. Make sure to pick the white twinkle lights that can still be okay to have on even after the holidays. Your home will look warm and welcoming to potential buyers.



Front Porch Decorations

Have a front porch, why not take advantage of it? Get some waterproof patio furniture, lanterns, blankets, and Birchwood that compliments the look of your house, give the buyers a preview of what they can expect inside.



Keep Lights on

With the winter season it can get dark pretty quick. So when this happens make sure to turn your front porch light on to attract eyes to your house and the For Sale sign in front of your house. This will also make sure that your house looks more warm and inviting.


Make sure to keep everything tidy and clean

When you have buyers visiting your house, make sure everything is clean, the last thing you want to happen to a buyer visiting your house is that they slip or fall. For example, shovelling your driveway creating a safe space for them to walk on, if you have any other kind of debris on your lawn make sure to always pick it up and get rid of it.


Just like staging a house creating curb appeal makes a huge difference when selling your home. So follow these tips and you’ll have a successful selling experience.


Sources: HGTV, HouseLogic, Leovandesign


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