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5 Helpful Decluttering Tips

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on January 4, 2018
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Cleaning or decluttering a space is something not many people will look forward to. But whether it’s a new year and you would like to start the year off with a clean and organized home, or it’s Spring time and you want to get your spring cleaning done, you always feel rewarded and accomplished once your home is decluttered and organized.

Here are some tips to make this process a smooth, and easy one for you:


1. Time and Room

It will be incredibly hard and stressful to declutter your entire home in one day, you have to sort and identify a variety of items, and you have to decide whether you will keep or get rid of certain things. Instead, pick a room in your home, and set aside small sessions of time to focus on organizing that certain room.


2. Set a goal

Set a goal of what you would like to achieve for each room you will be decluttering. If it’s your closet, your goal can be to get rid of 10 items of clothing so there’s more space in your wardrobe. This will make it incredibly easy to get the task done.


3. Have Trash bag/Recycling bin handy



When you’re decluttering you want to be able to get rid of items as easy and quickly as possible. If you’re decluttering an office or space with sensitive information (mail, papers with personal information on them) make sure you shred it first and then throw away. After everything is put away in garbage bags or recycling bins, automatically take it to your garage and have it ready for garbage day.


4. Organize

Decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing everything out, sometimes you have to sort through items and you may want to keep or re-organize some of them. Having various bins with labels on them (donate, sell, undecided items) will help with this process, while still keeping everything in order.


5. Figure out what to do with it all

After you’ve finished decluttering the room of your choosing, you’ll have the bins with different labels all filled. But don’t just leave them in the room to collect dust since that will defeat the purpose of decluttering. If there are items that you would like to sell, take pictures of them right away, put them on Kijiji and wait for a response.

Get rid of the items in your donate box by finding your local goodwill or salvation army and drop them off. You don’t have to immediately throw away your undecided items bins, store them away and keep them for a year, if you find yourself not using them or missing them, then that means it’s time to get rid of it.


So put on some music, grab your favourite drink and start decluttering! Your home will thank you.


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