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Tips That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on December 5, 2017
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You’ve finally decided to sell your home! You know this is exciting but at the same time, it comes with a lot of responsibility, many items to check off your to-do list, and that uncertainty feeling of if you’re going to sell your home quickly or not.

But no need to stress, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will give you an advantage when selling your home:

Work with a professional

Having a realtor to help you with the sale of your home will be a great advantage for you. They will be able to market your home through different mediums, set up open houses, and help you deal with all the confusing real estate jargon. Find someone you trust and is reliable so they can help make this process an easy one for you.


Clean and Declutter

Every room in the house should be cleaned from top to bottom. This will also make it the perfect time to really go through all your closets and drawers and get rid of anything you may no longer need.

Wipe down all the cabinets, remove scuffs and give the kitchen some cleaning love, this process may take a couple of days, but it will be worth it. Clean and pristine houses will also be more attractive to buyers.

Don’t forget to depersonalize your home, that means getting rid of any pictures of yourself or family, buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home.


Home Staging

Staging your home goes a long way when you’re selling your place. At the same time, it will help with selling your home quicker and for a great price. A professional home stager will come in and make your home look as appealing as possible to potential buyers. They will try to emphasize the positive features of your home and de-emphasize the negative features.


Create Curb Appeal

The outside of your home has to represent what the inside could look like; it’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

The first thing potential buyers will see while driving up to your home will be the exterior of your house. First impressions are important, so make sure you create a welcoming curb appeal by painting the exterior of your home, having a great landscaping, and fixing any holes or cracks you may have in the driveway.


Professional Photos

Nowadays the way people look for potential homes is through the internet, they browse through the pictures of a home and from there decide if it’s worth visiting in real life. That’s why having professional photographs taken of your house is a key factor when selling it, first impressions are crucial.

Photographers will make your place look more inviting, open and brighter in the pictures, which will attract more buyers.


Flexible Showings

If you need to sell your home quick then you better be flexible with showings. If a buyer would like to see your home, and you have a pet make sure you take them with you when you leave your property so the buyer can take their time, and view your home comfortably.


Price it Right

This is also why having a realtor is beneficial, they will be able to look at the market, your house’s age, any updates, square footage and comparables in your area and decide what price is best suited for your home. If you price fairly you will see the offers come in!


So take these tips into account when you’re selling your home and you’ll have an easy and smooth sell.


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