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Community Gardens in Oakville

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on August 10, 2017
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Oakville has many things to offer in the community, including a great variety of parks. From Lyons Lane to Memorial Park, these parks make it a great opportunity to go for a walk with your furry friend or family and friends to enjoy the weather and the summer months.


When you’re walking along many of these parks you will probably see an enclosed area with lots greenery and flowers and vegetables…?

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you many of the Oakville Parks have wonderful and colourful community gardens.



With the newest garden addition being placed at Memorial Park, located near Oak Park Boulevard on the east and Central Park Drive along the South.

While you’re walking along the park you’ll see a nice little bridge, lots of green, and a hill. When you go over this hill you will see the enclosed area for the garden.


These gardens are open to be rented to any Oakville resident, they contain 56 standard plots and 7 accessible raised planters, the raised planters make it easy for people of all abilities to participate.



This space is great for people that maybe don’t have enough space in their home to place a garden, or people who just love to garden and want something more spacious to take care of.


Oakville resident Karen Foster was watering her garden and picking her fresh veggies to take home. She says gardening is more of a hobby for her, and even though it’s a lot more work to garden and grow vegetables that “there’s nothing like growing your own.”



In her garden plot she grows cucumbers, watermelons, tomatoes and more. Karen who lives in West Oakville has a small garden in her home but loves to have this plot in Memorial Park because “the sun hits it perfectly, which makes the garden grow faster and fuller.”


People who decide to rent a garden plot are responsible for maintaining them throughout the season (May 7 – Oct 31), which includes watering, pruning, harvesting, fertilizing and pest/disease control.


The community garden does provide on-site water and disposal bins, spring bed preparation (weeding, removal of loose debris) only for new tenants, and sprint rototilling.


To rent the plots it will cost $83.43 for the 2017 year, however all the plots are already rented for the year.

You can always place your name on the wait list online, but it can take anywhere from one to two years to get a plot at a garden of your choice.


Want to find out what other parks in Oakville offer these gardens? Make sure to go to the Oakville website for further details.





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