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Open House Red Flags

The New Year is just around the corner! And when January rolls around, this will be a great time to shop around for a new home. If you’re looking for a change, you need a bigger home or are looking to downsize, buying a home can have its challenges. When purchasing a home you have to go to various open houses, which give you a …

Condo Living Popular with Millennials

Buying a home is a huge investment that many people in their lifetime hope to achieve. But for millennials (The millennial generation is the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002) that milestone has become quite a bit harder to come by. According to a census data released on October 25 by Statistics Canada, only 50.2 per cent of 30-year-olds were homeowners in …

Buying a Home

There are cracks in the foundation. Nothing structural. Nothing that’s going to threaten the stability of the home, but they’re there. Nooks, crannies and holes through which seeps an invisible threat. Colourless, odourless and undetectable by your average human, it is nonetheless the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada. Radon gas – even the name sounds ominous, evoking images of radiation and …

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