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7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted by Gabriela Mendoza on March 20, 2018
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Even though it may not feel like it yet, the first day of Spring is finally here!

That means we are one step closer to sunnier days and warmer weather, Springtime is also the perfect time for of course Spring Cleaning. It is the time where you can empty your closet, clean appliances and certain corners that haven’t been cleaned in a while, and start fresh.

So we’re providing you with easy spring cleaning tips that will get you motivated to start:


1. Make a list

Just like this one, making a list will make the task of cleaning and organizing less daunting. Walk through each room and write down what you will like to get done.

Writing a list will also help you in making sure you have all the cleaning materials you need before you start, saving you time later down the road.


2.  De-clutter your home

We all have that kitchen drawer that is specifically the “junk drawer”, so take some time and go through your home and get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose or items that you no longer need/use. De-cluttering your home is an important step to take before you start Spring cleaning, it helps you free up space and either throw away or donate items you no longer need.

Extra clutter is also collecting dust as we speak, so by just removing it can make your home a little cleaner.

Now that all the clutter is gone it is time to start cleaning.


3. Clean from top to bottom

It is easier and more effective to start cleaning at the top of the room and work your way down, clean from the top of the ceiling to the floor. Get rid of all the dusty cobwebs in the corners, wash the curtains, clean the windows, dust the furniture, and finally vacuum the floor.

Cleaning the floor last will ensure that all the dust and dirt is removed from the room.


4. Create a Schedule

Attempting to get everything done in one day will overwhelm you. Creating a spring cleaning schedule will help you clean one or two rooms at a time, and it will also help you stay focused on the task in each room. It will also help you start with the rooms that need the most cleaning.


5. Tackle your fridge

Even if you’re pretty good about throwing away expired food, there could still be condiments in there that haven’t been used since you moved in. Clear out your entire fridge, check the expiration dates on everything, and toss what needs to be thrown away.

Now that everything is out, take this opportunity to wipe the bottoms and lids of containers you’re still keeping, then spray the inside of your fridge with some vinegar and water and wipe it down. Once everything is ready to go back in, take time to organize the contents in a way that makes sense for you.


6. Revamp your wardrobe

This is the perfect time to tackle your closet and figure out what you should keep or get rid of. First separate your clothes into seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Then take the time to try some of the clothes on, do they still fit? Do you still like them? If the answer is no you can then get rid of them, you can donate them to charity, sell them or see if any friends or family would like what you no longer need.

Bag up the clothes that you are going to keep but are out of season and store them away. Now you will have more room in your closet for the clothes you will be using on a day to day basis.


7. Reward yourself

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself props for a job well done. Buying some new flowers, a new painting, or new bedding will add a nice finishing touch to your refreshed space.



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